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"Specialty Pet Sitting"

Pet Services & Fees


Bow Wows & Whiskers Offer the Following Services for all Pets.

Our rates include 2 pets.  Each additional pet is $3.00 per pet-per visit.  

bullet Daily Care Visits
(Meals, Walks, Play & Love)

$28.00 - (40 min) for 2 visits per/day (trash/watering)
$30.00 - (40 min) for 1 visit per/day (trash/watering)

bullet Midday Walks (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) 30 Minute Walk $30.00 for 3 days per/week
$28.00 for 5 days per/week
bullet Overnight Care (Your Home) Starts @ $85.00 (16 hours and more)
bullet 24/7 Live-In (Your Home) Starts @ $145.00
bullet Pet Taxi $40.00 (per hour)
bullet Medications $2.00 Per/Day Per Pet (Pills/Liquids only)
bullet Gas Charge Gas Charge applies if travel exceeds our service area
bullet New Client Interview First Interview "Complimentary;" Second interview, $20.00
bullet Key Pick-up & Return $20.00 (each way)
bullet Additional Holiday Charges $25.00
Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,
New Year's Eve, New Year's Day
bullet Insufficient Checks $25.00
bullet Additional pets (over 2 pets) $3.00 per/pet--per visit
bullet Your Pet's Care Need Not Listed? We will create an "affordable service" on the spot.
bullet Shopping $25.00 per/trip

Bow Wow's & Whiskers also offers the following services without a Daily Care Visit fee:

bullet Sub-Q Fluids $10.00
bullet Injections: Insulin & more $10.00
bullet Medications $10.00
bullet Toe Nail Trim (Cats) $10.00
bullet Ear Cleaning (both ears) $10.00

Bow Wow's & Whisker's Pet Care Co. Caregivers pay attention to your Pet family's needs with:

bullet Loving attention to your Pet Care Instructions
bullet Adherence to your Pet's Medication Schedule
bullet Long walks with cool down and lots of Playtime
bullet A loving Caregiver who sleeps with them
bullet A Daily body "check-over" that they are okay
bullet Seat-belted Carriers for transported small dogs and cats
bullet Seat-belted Harnesses for transported dogs
bullet Scooped and Changed Litter Boxes
bullet Clean bowls and Fresh Water daily
bullet A Tidy Home
bullet Mail, Newspapers, Trash Bins, and Packages handled for you
bullet Pet accidents handled per your instructions
bullet Love, Attention and Sensitivity to your Pet's daily happiness
bullet Special Care for Special Needs and Senior Pets


Services & Guidelines


bullet All services must be paid in Advance.
bullet Checks only.
bullet No Post-dated Checks

Gratuities/Leaving Cash/Our Caregivers:
bullet Please do not leave "Cash" in your home for emergencies. (we have a process in place for handling an emergency).
bullet Our Caregivers are paid for their services by "check" and are responsible for paying State and Federal Taxes.

Cancellations: No Credits or Refunds for Early Returns or Cancelled Visits

bullet We cannot rebook the period of time that you reserved for your pet’s care when you cancel.  Bow Wows & Whiskers and our caregivers lose the opportunity to provide care for another client’s pets when you cancel your pet’s care.  Therefore, the following cancellation fees will apply:

Drop By Visits

bullet The Cancellation fee will be the 50% of the Total Service Fee.

Midday Walks

bullet Midday Walks are billed monthly.  Therefore, the Cancellation fee will be the midday walk fee for the day you cancelled.

Overnight Stays / Live-in Stays - No Refund once your Pet's Care has been confirmed

bullet Full payment is due at the time of your departure.

No Credits or Refunds for Early Returns!

bulletEmergency cancellations fees will be determined when you arrive home.

Check-In Calls Before You Leave Town:

bullet Please be sure you have received a Confirmation check-in call from us before you leave town to insure we have your precious pets “covered." and are on our schedule.